Waking up and enjoying coffee in a quiet, cozy space is really our ideal way to start the day. Designing a breakfast nook that’s both beautiful and functional is key, knowing it’s a space used daily.

Built-in banquette

A traditional, cozy breakfast nook incorporates built-in seating, like a bench or banquette. By having built-in seating, you’ll have a defined space dedicated to your morning routine. Be sure to add plenty of pillows and cushions to make it extra comfortable.

Incorporate extra storage

Do you feel like there’s enough storage in your kitchen? We love using the space below built-in banquettes to store holiday dishes, hard-to-reach cookware, vases/miscellaneous decor and kitchen items that are only used a couple times a year.

Maximize seating

If your table can accommodate both a banquette and chairs, go for it! A breakfast nook doesn’t just have to be a morning spot. If you have plenty of seating, use it for entertaining with friends and hosting small dinner parties.

Take advantage of natural light

Waking up to the sun rising is energizing in itself, and it’s even better if you can let the light pour in while you enjoy a slow start to your day. We love situating breakfast nooks nearby large windows, allowing for maximum natural light.

Breakfast with a view

There’s nothing quite like coffee with a view. If your kitchen is situated near a waterfront, rolling hills, fields (or any beautiful scenery), it only makes sense to take advantage of it! Much like natural light, we always love placing breakfast nooks nearby windows whenever possible.

Play with patterns

You know we love incorporating color and pattern into rooms of all shapes and sizes, and breakfast nooks are not to be excluded. If you’re still new to being bold in your home, starting with a smaller space like a breakfast nook is a great way to ease into color without committing to an entire room.

Utilize a bay window

If your kitchen/dining area has an unused bay window, we typically recommend utilizing that space for a breakfast nook. It’s an easy space to add built-in seating (with storage!) next to a source of beautiful natural light.