Updating Your Interior for Spring: A Fresh Perspective on High-End Living

spring refresh colors and greenery

Welcome to the season of rejuvenation! As the frosty veil of winter lifts, revealing the budding growth of spring, we’re all gripped by the urge to breathe new life into our homes. This isn’t just about a change of scenery; it’s a deeply rooted desire for a fresh start, reflecting the new life springing up all around us. For those of us fortunate enough to dwell in lakefront vacation homes or share in any sort of family retreat, this season offers a unique opportunity to align our living spaces with the vibrancy of the world outside and create our own luxurious living.

Let’s embark on a journey to refresh our sanctuaries in ways that blend modern functionality with the timeless beauty of spring. As we dive deeper into the art of spring refreshment, it’s essential to remember that each modification, no matter how minor, plays a significant role in crafting the ambiance of your luxurious home. In this vein, let’s run through some nuanced yet impactful ways to invite spring into your living spaces, ensuring that every nook and cranny resonates with the season’s essence.


Design by Regina Sturrock Design Inc.

Spring’s palette is a masterclass in rejuvenation—soft pastels, lively greens, and the cheerful yellows of early blooms. These aren’t just splashes of color; they’re an embodiment of the season’s spirit. I’m a fan of using paint as an easy-to-change accent or way to set the mood. Rather than just painting an accent wall in a hue that captures the essence of spring—perhaps a gentle lavender or a serene seafoam green—go all in and paint the whole room, or go for the unexpected ceiling color splash. Not ready for a commitment? Accentuate your space with new throw pillows in floral patterns or introduce floral artwork. These vibrant additions serve as daily reminders of the world’s perennial rebirth. If you’re really feeling the season, dive into some wallpaper! There are SO. MANY. OPTIONS!

For those lucky enough to live in lakefront properties, spring offers a spectacle not to be missed. Ensure your interior design complements, rather than competes with, the breathtaking views outside your windows. This might mean repositioning furniture to face the lake, updating window treatments to allow for unobstructed views, or choosing interior colors that harmonize with the outdoor palette. Embracing the natural beauty that surrounds your home not only enhances your living experience but also bridges the indoor-outdoor divide, making your home an extension of the natural world.

Incorporate Natural Textures & Materials

Design by Truth & Co. Interior Design

As the world outside our windows awakens, we’re reminded of the beauty of natural elements. The warmth of spring invites us to integrate materials like wood, wicker, and linen into our homes. Imagine lounging in a rattan chair, the texture inviting and organic, or admiring a piece of wood wall art that carries the imprints of nature. Stone vases filled with spring blooms and linen upholstery that breathes with the air can transform a room from a simple living space into a sanctuary that celebrates the essence of luxury and nature’s elegance.

With the many indoor-outdoor fabrics available, your three-seasons rooms and outdoor spaces can take advantage of a spring refresh with new upholstery options. If you’re picturing scratchy, plastic fabrics of the 1980s, think again. They have advanced their look and feel, so book a consultation with a designer to discuss the options available and enjoy the view!

Display Greenery & Seasonal Botanicals

Spring is synonymous with growth and new beginnings. Introducing flowering plants and seasonal botanicals into your home is like painting with life’s most vibrant colors. Consider the delicate fragrance of fresh-cut flowers in a sleek vase, the lush appeal of potted plants adding vitality to corners, or the whimsical charm of floral wreaths welcoming all who enter. If you’re like me and lack a green thumb, botanical prints can also bring the allure of the outdoors inside, offering a maintenance-free way to enjoy spring’s bounty.

Beyond merely introducing plants into your home, consider the art of placement and the story each plant tells. A strategically placed fiddle leaf fig can draw the eye up, emphasizing high ceilings and airy spaces, while a collection of succulents on a coffee table can serve as a living centerpiece, inviting intrigue and conversation. In spaces where natural light is a cherished commodity, a hanging garden of ferns or a vibrant terrarium can create a focal point that brings the outdoors in, even in the most modern of settings. This deliberate integration of greenery not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your rooms but also introduces a dynamic element of nature that is ever-changing, growing, and blooming. The presence of these botanicals can transform static spaces into living ecosystems, where each day brings a subtle shift in the dance of light and life, making your home a truly immersive experience.

Design: Basic Projects, Photo: Nicole Franzen

Open the Windows & Clear the Clutter

Design: One Kindesign, Photo: ​Kevin Scott​

There’s nothing quite like the first day of spring when we can finally open the windows and invite the crisp, clean air into our homes. This act of renewal is not only about refreshing the space physically but also about clearing mental clutter. A thorough spring refresh and decluttering, timed with the season’s awakening, not only revitalizes our living areas but also reenergizes our spirits. It’s a time to shed the old and make room for new ideas, projects, and the serene calm that comes with organized, airy spaces.

As the days grow longer and the natural light (and mood!) changes, so too should your home’s lighting. Consider adjusting your lighting to match the brighter, more vibrant energy of spring. This could mean swapping out warmer, dimmer bulbs for ones that mimic natural daylight, adding mirrors to reflect and multiply the light, or introducing new light fixtures that not only illuminate but also serve as decorative elements. Proper lighting can dramatically affect the mood of a room, making it feel more open, airy, and in tune with the season.

Refresh Room Accents

As we shed the heavy layers of winter, our homes too deserve a lighter touch. Updating room accents—think throw blankets, area rugs, and curtains—with lighter fabrics and brighter prints can dramatically alter the feel of a room. Swap out the dense, dark textiles for airy linens, soft cottons, and vibrant prints that speak to the season’s liveliness. It’s a simple change that can have a profound impact, making your home feel as fresh and invigorating as a spring morning.

Incorporating handcrafted items can also add a layer of uniqueness and warmth to your home. Artisanal pieces, be it pottery, textiles, or artwork, tell a story of craftsmanship and care. These items add depth and character to your spaces, serving as conversation starters and reflections of your personal taste. Spring is the perfect time to showcase these pieces, whether it’s a hand-woven basket holding your freshly picked flowers or a bespoke piece of pottery adorning your mantelpiece.

Design: Liza Reyes , Photo: Trevor Smith

Embracing spring in your interior design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that reflects the renewal and vitality of the season. By thoughtfully incorporating pops of color, natural textures, greenery, artisanal touches, and strategic lighting, you can transform your home into a sanctuary that celebrates the beauty and energy of spring. As you consider these changes, remember that the goal is to create a space that feels refreshing, inviting, and perfectly aligned with the season’s promise of new beginnings.

Ready for a spring refresh that transforms your home into a vibrant springtime haven? Reach out for a personalized design consultation, and let’s breathe new life into your luxurious lakefront or family home. Together, we can create a space that’s not just updated for the season but rejuvenated for year-round enjoyment.

Spring is a reminder that after every winter, comes a fresh start. Let’s make yours beautiful.