Whether you work from home full time or you are living the hybrid work life, you need a quiet space that sparks creativity. We’ve seen it time and time again – the home office becomes an afterthought that doesn’t reflect your personality. We’re all about working from home, but we are firm believers that in order to be productive, you need to feel inspired by your surroundings.

Of course, you need to set up your office with the right tools (shop our top picks below!), but it really begins with the room’s framework. Follow these five home office must haves to set yourself up for success:

A colorful space that sparks creativity⁠

What’s better than stepping into a vibrant, creative space at the beginning of the workday? Infusing elements of color into your office design will keep your space from feeling tired. We love incorporating splashes of color via a rug, a fun couch with bright pillows and a colorful focal point on the walls. The great part about accessorizing with color is that you’re not tied to any single color scheme, and you can mix it up as the seasons change.

Fun seating for clients and coworkers⁠

If your home office doubles as a conference room, meeting space for clients or a dual workspace, it’s important to integrate fun and functional seating. Select seating based on how often it’s going to be used, your personal design style and the size of the room. (If you’re working with a small space, you probably don’t want pillowy, oversized arm chairs!)

Natural lighting (we love working near an open window!)⁠

We don’t know about you, but working in a windowless room where you don’t know if it’s night or day doesn’t feel inspiring or creative. Whenever possible, we recommend that our clients situate their home offices in a room with at least one source of natural light. We’ve found that it helps us stay alert and energized, and there’s nothing quite like sitting near an open window and hearing the birds sing on a gorgeous day!

Playful artwork that speaks to your personality⁠

Although your office is a space for focusing, it can still be fun and inviting. One of the easiest ways to add some spark to your office is by hanging artwork that reflects your personality and interests. Frame your child’s art project or create an eclectic gallery wall with items you’ve collected from your travels. The options are endless!

Vibrant house plants that breathe life into your space⁠

Hear us out: when you’re working inside on a beautiful summer day, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by plants? It’s a simple way to bring the outdoors inside your home (and ease the pain of being stuck inside in the summer!) If your office has natural lighting, opt for something like an alocasia, pothos or philodendron. If natural lighting isn’t an option, snake plants, dracaena and ponytail palms are all great picks.