Relaxing with a good book, a glass of wine and a cozy blanket is, in our opinion, one of the best ways to unwind after a long day. There’s nothing quite like a space to escape reality and curl up in a comfy chair sans-screens.

Whether you have a small nook or an entire room to dedicate to your book collection, here’s our list of must-haves for any reading area:

Take inventory of your current collection

Are you just starting out? You likely won’t need floor-to-ceiling shelving. If your collection is expansive, you’ll want to maximize your shelving space. Source, photo

Find an available space

If you don’t have a ton of space in your home, adding a bookshelf to a living room is a great idea. The sofa is already there, so that space is cozy by default. Source, photo

If you have an extra room or are turning a spare bedroom or office into your reading area, then you can really personalize it and make it your own.

Install your new book storage

Again, if you are limited on space, a freestanding bookshelf or china cabinet is a great option. Source, photo

If you’re looking to display your entire collection, think about hiring a local carpenter to build custom cabinets and shelving. Or, if you’re handy and a pro DIYer, you could tackle the build out yourself. Source, photo

Embrace color

Libraries don’t have to be stuffy! While the covers of books typically add color on their own, you can still bring in fun, daring colors with painted shelves or wallpapered cabinets. Source, photo

Incorporate more than books

Your home library doesn’t have to just be books! Add decorative details like plants, artwork, (unlit) candles, vases, trinkets, dishes…really, whatever you want! While the idea of building a library is for storing your books, you can still add fun elements that speak to your personality and design style. Source, photo

Carefully select furnishings

The point of your library is to cozy up with a good book, right? Carefully selecting your furniture is such an important part of the equation! Think cushy, oversized chairs, tufted ottomans (even better if they double as storage!), an end or coffee table (you need somewhere to set your wine!), floor lamps for ambient lighting and soft pillows and blankets.