A room dedicated to sunlight and slow, easy living is a luxury we think more homes should have. With large windows and natural light, sunrooms really provide the best of both worlds – you can soak up the sun without bugs while staying cool in the air conditioning.

When it comes to designing a sunroom, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind so that you can get the most use out of your light-filled space.

Consider placement

If you’re considering adding a sunroom onto your home, think about what view you’re hoping to have. Would you like to enjoy the sunrise with your morning coffee? Opt for east facing. Is relaxing with wine in the sunroom while watching the sunset more your style? West facing is the way to go. Or, if you’d like the maximum amount of light during the day, building your sunroom on the south-facing portion of your home is the answer.

Decorate with natural accents

One of the best parts of a sunroom is the natural light, which means plants can thrive inside! Depending on the window placement, you’ll want to select plants based on their lighting requirements.

We also love bringing some of the outdoors inside by decorating with natural materials, like wood, wicker and rattan.

Furnish with the sun in mind

Exposing furniture to constant sunlight during the day could damage it in the long run, so we always recommend selecting furniture that’s made to withstand the elements.

Determine its use

Is your sunroom only large enough for one oversized chair, or can it function for entertaining? If you have room to spare, think about including a table and chairs in addition to a couch and/or lounge chairs. It’ll give your guests more room to spread out while staying in the same room.

Select the right window treatments

While the idea of a sunroom is to enjoy maximum natural light all day, there might be a time when you need some shade or prevent a glare. Woven shades filter bright light without blocking it entirely, and sheer curtains can have the same effect.