Having a bathroom connected to your master bedroom is synonymous with luxury. This private room is perfect for relaxing after a long day (hello, soaking tub!) and we always recommend incorporating an en suite if space allows.

Double vanity

A double vanity is really a non-negotiable feature in an en suite. Not only will you never have to share a sink again (a dream come true!), but you’ll enjoy extra storage for linens and toiletries.

Extra privacy

When thinking about privacy, you’ll want to consider going beyond frosted glass and window coverings. If you’re sharing your en suite, placing the toilet in its own area or room allows two people to utilize the space without interrupting morning routines.

Walk-in shower

A large, walk-in shower elevates your everyday ritual and brings the spa feeling into your home. Add beautiful tile, a rainfall shower head and glass doors to really elevate the experience.

Soaking tub

If space allows, a soaking tub is a must for any en suite. Opt for a traditional, vintage feel with a claw-foot tub, or select a sleek design for a modern edge.